Marguerite Blasingame (1906–1947)

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Blasingame Carved Desk by  Marguerite Blasingame (1906–1947) - Masterpiece Online
Blasingame Carved Desk
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    Marguerite Blasingame (1906–1947)

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In her murals and sculptures, Marguerite Blasingame excelled at figural works, as seen in this monkeypod desk’s pair of bas-reliefs depicting two complementary views of a Hawaiian figure of lore. Here, she has blended his sinuous form with the breadfruit he gathers and the leaves that encircle him. The artist's sudden death at age 47 curtailed an illustrious career. Several outstanding contributions, such as her murals for the Waikiki Theatre’s lobby, have since been lost to demolition. As of 2021, the vast majority of Blasingame’s surviving sculptures exist in public places, private collections, and museums. This sleek, stylized, Art Deco-era desk — emblematic of the qualities that distinguish Blasingame among the fine roster of Hawaii’s artists — is one of very few works to appear on the open market within the last decade. The only known comparable panel is held in the Honolulu Museum of Art’s permanent collection.

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