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  • City:Lahaina
  • State/Province:HI
  • Country:Not Available
Angel of Healing by  Andrea Smith - Masterpiece Online
Angel of Healing
  • Artist Name:

    Andrea Smith

  • Size:16 X 20
  • Frame Size:0 X 0
  • Category:

    Limited Edition

  • Medium:Giclee
  • Product type:LIMITED EDITION OF 100
  • Price:$400.00


Surrounded by the children of the world, an angel holds the energy of our planet for love and healing. I painted this as a prayer. A friend called distraught over a nurse he knew who passed away from the coronavirus. I knew I had to do something to imprint the world with a prayer. The Angel is holding the Earth and Universe within her heart. She has light gentle energy that is like a balm for our hearts.The various faces on the sides represent the people on the planet. Prayers for every being touched by this experience. Peace??

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