Patrick Nagel

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Art Expo NY Poster by  Patrick Nagel - Masterpiece Online
Art Expo NY Poster
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    Patrick Nagel

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  • Medium:Exhibit Poster
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Patrick Nagel (1945 – 1984, American) “Art Expo NY” Poster (1981) This poster was created by the artist to advertise the NY Art Expo held at the New York Coliseum, March 5-9, 1981. It measures 28 x 17 inches (unframed) and is printed on heavy paper from border to border (no margins). Published by Mirage Editions, Santa Monica, CA. The artist’s signature is in the lower right. Catalog Reference: ‘The Art of Patrick Nagel”, Alfred Van Der Marck Editions (1987) Catalog #10, page 154. Patrick Nagel created popular illustrations of the female form in an Art Deco-type style. His women are generally depicted from an unusual angle and feature black hair, white skin, full-lipped mouths, and intriguing eyes. In this image, the woman appears in front of a yellow city skyline peering through a gap in steel colored plates. The original, unsigned, acrylic on board painting that was a preliminary for the ad sold at auction in October 2019 for $17,500!

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