Lisa Mee

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Expansive Flowering by  Lisa Mee - Masterpiece Online
Expansive Flowering
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    Lisa Mee

  • Size:30 X 24
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  • Medium:Acrylic
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Lisa Mee (b.1974, American) “Expansive Flowering” (2020) The medium for this original work of art is acrylic and metallic paint on canvass. It measures 30 x 24 inches unframed and is hand signed in the lower center. Lisa’s contemporary expressionist style reflects her special creativity, light, and wonderful use of bright contrasting colors. About her work, Lisa Mee has written that, “… I attempt to recreate a stained-glass effect on canvas – it’s a unique technique I came up with using metallic paints.” In her own words, Lisa provides this description of “Expansive Flowering”: ‘Flowers are not just a luxurious experience. They are a beautiful expression of impermanence since they can't last forever. Capturing these blooms on canvas preserves them in perpetuity. I used a bold color palette to recreate the transformative effects flowers have on us: peace and joy. By incorporating dimensional metallic paints throughout the composition, I wanted the flowers to appear like dancing sc

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