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Soldier and Girl by   Banksy - Masterpiece Online
Soldier and Girl
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  • Size:21.5 X 33.5
  • Frame Size:24.25 X 36.25
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  • Medium:Giclee
  • Product type:LIMITED EDITION OF 35
  • Price:$550.00


(After) Banksy (b. 1974, England) “Soldier and Girl” (2018) - Limited Edition (9/35) reproduction giclee pigment (color) print inspired by an image Banksy created in 2007 known as ‘Girl and a Soldier’ or ‘Girl Frisking Soldier’. The sheet measures 25.5 x 33.5 inches, unframed, and it features a signature imprimee (stamp), the title and the edition number handwritten in pencil on 260 gsm paper. Banksy created the original work using spray paint and stencil. It was one of a series of art pieces he created in the West Bank in Bethlehem. Painted on a wall along a main road leading out of the city, it depicts a little girl in a bright pink dress frisking a soldier. A local business owner has since built a wall around the image and encased it in plexiglass in a shed-like outhouse building adjacent to a gift shop where a purchase is required, or admission is charged in order to see the artwork.

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