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Street Fragment 1 by   Nasty - Masterpiece Online
Street Fragment 1
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  • Size:23 X 35.5
  • Frame Size:23 X 35.5
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  • Medium:Spray Paint
  • Product type:UNIQUE
  • Price:$5000.00


Nasty (b. 1974, French) “Street Fragment 1” (2016) Aerosol paint on a concrete industrial plate, signed by the artist, measuring 23 x 35.5 inches. Street and graffiti artist, Nasty, is known for paintings created in and on the Paris subway and its maps. He has worked on metro plates in his studio as well as painting on streets, tiles and walls, all in his unique, brightly colored style. Nasty is a notorious French street artist who is best known for spraying metro plans , enamel signs, and ceramic tiles from the RATP Parisian subway system. In 1988 he was marking walls and metros with his lettering and became known in the French graffiti community of the 1990’s. Preferring the creation of ‘art’ to committing ‘vandalism’, Nasty began to transform outdated and unused subway signs with his spray cans and his style of lettering. His artistic work since 1988 was recorded in the Book “Nasty and Slice, Artists on The Run” and his work has been seen in prestigious galleries and institutio

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