Jean Faucheur

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Untitled Work by  Jean Faucheur - Masterpiece Online
Untitled Work
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    Jean Faucheur

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  • Medium:Spray Paint
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Jean Faucheur (b. 1956, France) Untitled aerosol on canvas painted in 2011, measuring 36 x 24 inches, is signed in the lower left as well as signed and dated on the verso. The work, by one of the pioneers of urban/street art, is from a period during which Faucheur was combining pointillist-impressionist elements with graffiti art. “Color bubbles” made of spray paint, work to obscure and dissolve the actual image creating another. As the fading occurs, a new image appears. Jean Faucheur is considered as one of the pioneering figures of urban art, known for his talent, his taste for rupture and his sense of sharing. Since 1983, he has covered billboards with his collages and paintings in order to divert them from their function. After a stay in New York, in 1985 he created the group “les Frères Ripoulin” with 6 other urban artists. For the past 15 years, Jean Faucheur has dedicated himself to sculpture, painting and photography. Jean Faucheur is also at the initiative of the MUR whic

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