Pablo Picasso

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Visage (Face) by  Pablo Picasso - Masterpiece Online
Visage (Face)
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    Pablo Picasso

  • Size:3.25 X 2.5
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  • Medium:Ceramic
  • Product type:LIMITED EDITION OF 500
  • Price:$2750.00


Pablo Picasso (1881-1973, Spain/France) “Visage” – Face (1954) Limited edition terracotta red earthenware oval plate medallion, numbered 23/500 and stamped “Madoura Empreinte Originale de Picasso” on the verso. The ceramic work of art measures approximately 3.25 x 2.5 inches and its literary reference is A.R. 243 (Pablo Picasso: Catalogue of the Edited Ceramic Works 1947-1971. A. Ramié. 1988. #243.) After Picasso attended a pottery exhibition in the Cote d’Azur region of Vallauris, France, he began working with Georges and Suzanne Ramie, owners and ceramists of the Madoura Pottery Studio. There he created plates, pitchers, plaques, and vases that feature mythological and classical motifs, portraiture, bullfighting, nature, and landscapes as both unique pieces and limited-edition sets. Each work was cast and hand-painted at the Madoura Studio.

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