Milé Murtanovski

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Horse, 2009 by  Milé Murtanovski - Masterpiece Online
Horse, 2009
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    Milé Murtanovski

  • Size:20 X 26
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  • Medium:Watercolour
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Horse is a watercolour painting featuring a coin-operated children's mechanical horse in front of an abstracted storefront. Milé Murtanovski began painting in watercolours in 1988, focusing on predominantly figurative pieces; these have remained life-long loves, but his body of work has expanded into lush oils and monochromatic inks with increasingly varied subject matter. In 2010 Milé left Toronto, relocating his studio to a 150-year old farmhouse in Prince Edward County, Ontario, where he opened Small Pond Arts artist residency and arts centre."

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