Then the Rain Came
Then the Rain Came


Bronze Edition 25 The story of "Then the Rain Came" is the story of water as the sustenance of life. Living in the arid southwest, I pray for water, and when it does rain or snow I’m so thankful that it has come to replenish the earth and me. This sculpture is not an actual katsina doll, it is a piece of art that is telling a story. The figure is crowned with a tableta that depicts clouds, rain, and flowers. A dragonfly, another symbol for rain, is on the back. The figure is dancing and shaking rattles, which evokes the sound of rain and calls for the rain to come. The night I completed this piece, I walked into my backyard and looked up to the starless sky. Then I felt something touch my cheek and again a few seconds later. When I walked back into the house there was heavy rain on the skylight for a minute and then it was over.                                                                         Liz Wolf  Sculptor 

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