Flower Thrower, Black...
Flower Thrower, Black...


(After) Banksy (b. 1975) “Flower Thrower – Black”; Stencil StreetArt (2016) Edition of 200; Stencil/Spray on Arches paper 360 g; Signature imprimee (stamped.) Numbered in pencil; Measures 39.5 x 27.5 inches. Probably one of the most well-known of Banksy's images, the classic 2003 Banksy work is often referred to as “Rage, The Flower Thrower” or “Flower Bomber”. It is a painting of a man wearing a kerchief and baseball cap throwing a bouquet of flowers. The man and the flower wrapping are done in black and white; the flowers and the stems protruding from the wrapper are in color. Banksy is pacifist and anti-war, so the image could have been inspired by the violent unrest in the middle east.

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