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Cheston Trammel is a sculptor and mixed media artist.

Multifaceted, he also creates one of a kind furniture pieces from native woods such as ancient Alligator and Shaggy Bark Juniper. “If these pieces could talk they could tell us the stories of past centuries,” says Trammel. The Juniper is valued for its rich abstract grain patterns and golden highlights in which he often inlays turquoise and other elements for added beauty and interest. Collectors from around the globe have Trammel’s pieces in their collections.   His work captures his avid love of the outdoors and reflects his interpretation of the profound interconnection that is woven throughout nature.

“The environment has informed my art,” says the fifth generation Northern Arizona native who started carving as a child, whittling wood with his grandfather. As a young adult he began carving small native stone fetishes that developed into a unique style of braided jewelry. The series sold out and was collected internationally.

An ancient wisdom seeker, he has always loved exploring the natural environment and history of this area with deep pioneer roots in his southwest heritage and spirit. “I’ve collected distinctive and antique metal pieces for years such as tools, gears and plow discs – many different unusual metal objects. Now I’m putting these interesting pieces into my sculptured bells. They are industrial items that are being reborn in Zen form. The bells tell the story in the how they sound and what they are made of,” says Cheston.

Cheston’s bells are collected for their sculptural appeal and for their beautiful and uplifting resonance. He was commissioned to create the Wisdom Bell for the World Wisdom Conference being held in Sedona, AZ in January 2014. The 7’ bell holds a prayer vessel where prayers may be placed. When the bell rings the prayers are sent. “It is an honor to create this special bell with the intention to heal and benefit all,” says Cheston.

Having a great appreciation and knowledge of the area and a remarkable sense of nature he is also a craftsman creating furniture and custom architectural elements such as mantels from native woods such as Alligator and Shaggy Bark Juniper.