Ms. Alisandra Wederich by Red Filter Gallery



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Alisandra Wederich is a multimedia artist with a focus on combining her greatest interests in ways that step outside the box. She sculpts, illustrates, paints ... with special attention to forging new paths in photography. Her work was recently featured in a very successful downtown show in New York.

Miss Wederich also manages the non-profit Straube Center Gallery in Pennington, NJ. She is currently working on Allen Coleman’s VASA-Project as well as an administrator of the non-profit Straube Foundation (which focuses on bringing a quality education to anyone, anywhere in the world at little to no cost).

Alisandra's intensive activity in all of her endeavors only fuels her art. The locations used in her photographs are often discovered as a result of her exploring largely unknown areas in and around her local countryside.

Alisandra earned her bachelor of arts degree magna cum laude from Ramapo College of NJ, before employment as a gallery curator. Her first curator experience was aiding in the founding of Thomas Sweets gallery which continues to successfully run monthly shows to this day.