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Andres Morillo, born 1938 in the Philippines. He came to the United States as a young man and settled on the Monterey Peninsula in 1967. It was here on the Monterey Peninsula that he discovered his true interest and love for art. After several years of studying and self-training in art, Andres Morillo became a student of the great American watercolorist Donald Teague.
Although taught by one of the best, Andres Morillo embarked on his own journey. Feeling an unlimited potential and an unquenchable thirst for discovering something new, Andres Morillo began painting in a new direction. Well versed in all mediums, water colors, pastels, and oils, Andres Morillo exploded with new ideas using an unconventional approach and introducing color as a primary element in his works. His fresh interpretation of nature’s beauty has earned him the station of being one of today’s leading traditional fine artists. Transcending vibrancy and boundless in energy, his paintings capture the viewer instantly. To actually stand in front of one of Andres Morillo’s paintings is magical. It is like experiencing nature for the first time. He reminds us that nature’s harmony lies in the interaction of color, light, and form, elements which are superbly balanced in his paintings.
In his own unique way, Andres Morillo is making a special contribution to the next generation, a different way of creating art. The approach that he takes to color in his paintings allows the viewer to see color in a new way. This fresh approach to color has not gone unnoticed in the art world. Respected by peers and collectors alike he has received high honors in many exhibitions and competitions.