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Mary Kay West is a native of Asheville,North Carolina and is the daughter of watercolorist Elizabeth Phillips. Mary Kay began painting as a child next to her mother's easel.Her diverse interests have led her to express her artistic abilities in a variety of settings including set design for theater, mural painting, costume and clothing design as well as jewelry and accessory design. Painting, however, has been her continuing passion.
"Viewing the glorious works of Mary Kay West is truly a gracious and bountiful feast for the eyes. Her classic realist images in oil are masterful and convey a timeless quality that reaches further than that of traditional still life and landscape compositions. Each painting reveals a skillful touch in which a marvelous technique unveils a richness and vibrancy to her art." Katherine Koenig, City SunTimes.
In 2006, Mary Kay completed a 4 year apprenticeship with Ben Long and John MacKah at the Fine Arts League of Asheville specializing in landscape and still life. Mary Kay currently lives in Santa Ynez, California.